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Naran Vay
Hello! I am happy to make friends with you
Age 41
Gender Female
Location Phnom Penh , Cambodia
Ethnicity N/A
Relationship status Other
6 persons rated


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George Richard hi Naran.....
6 years ago Comment
Azhar Iskandar hope you'll accept me as your friend...
7 years ago Comment
Devin Garcia hi.
7 years ago Comment
Naran Vay How are you?
7 years ago
Naran Vay I am good thank you how about you ?
6 years ago
Valantino Armando OKOKOK
7 years ago Comment
Naran Vay Nice to meet you
7 years ago
Naran Vay Hello! I am happy to make friends with you
7 years ago Comment
Mochammad Riski salam kenal yah
7 years ago
Naran Vay joined BuddyLine
7 years ago Comment
Laka He Lady cute Naran nice to see you here i am Cambodia too. i hope you get well implement to gether.
6 years ago

Private information
Firstname Naran
Lastname Vay
Birthday 02.12.1977
Gender Female

Street N/A
Zip code N/A
City Phnom Penh
State N/A
Country Cambodia

Private attributes
Ethnicity N/A
Religion N/A
Sexual orientation N/A
Relationship status Other
Interested in N/A

Contact details
Website N/A
Phone N/A
Fax N/A
Mobile N/A
Skype name N/A
Live messenger N/A
Yahoo N/A

Name of my school N/A
Name of my university N/A
Current degree N/A
Current occupation N/A

Interests N/A
Hobbies N/A
Music N/A
Movies N/A
Books N/A
Games N/A
Sport N/A

Personal words
About me N/A