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Mo Delion
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Age 56
Gender Male
Location N/A, Jordan
Ethnicity Caucasian (white)
Relationship status Single
5 persons rated


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Elma Mercado hi
7 years ago Comment
Mo Delion added new photos
11 years ago Comment
Mo Delion I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain
11 years ago Comment
Mo Delion joined BuddyLine
11 years ago Comment

Private information
Firstname Mo
Lastname Delion
Birthday 11.10.1965
Gender Male

Interests Everything Interests me
Hobbies Writing
Music All Kind
Movies Have no time
Books All
TV Have no time
Games Supaplex :)
Sport Jogging & Football

Personal words
About me I grew up in a big family that consists of 6 sisters and 4 brothers, my father has his own businesses and (as the eldest son) i had to help him since i was a kid, i learned how to deal with all kind of people and how to run all kind of businesses that need patience and hard work which helped me in drawing a smile on my face when i talk to others even when i feel sad. i decided to look for myself and make my own business, i traveled a lot and worked in RED ZONES (war zones) to make more and more of money then i cam back and established my small business in marketing and advertising besides the business that i've been forced to have with my sister, i almost forgot about myself and became a money making machine that can not show any feelings, i've seen myself alone when i decided to open my eyes again to the real life, no wife, no kids and no friends.